Colleen + David's Love Story

Colleen & David got married on their family farm in late November 2019. Despite it being a 42.3-degree day with a total movement ban, nothing in the world could wipe the smile of their faces and the happiness and love that completely radiated through the entire day.

There were so many special, heartfelt touches to this wedding, from converting the local konno hall into a rustic fairy-tale to paying tribute to Colleen’s late father and the beautiful speeches by loved ones, this wedding truly had ‘all the feels’.

Thank you so much C & D for choosing me to capture it all. It truly was an honour to witness so much love and happiness. My heart is so full!

C O L L E E N & D A V I D S L O V E S T O R Y

1.         How did you first meet?

Haha tinder! And first met in person at little Willys in Northbridge! We understand how ridiculous they sound together!

2.         What quality do you admire most in each other?

Her infectious smile and happiness😊

His caring and devoted nature

3.         Tell us about the proposal?

“Last minute I flicked one of her closest mates, Tiff, a message (while Colleen was with her) to help me set up and arrange the proposal at Gabby Quoi Quoi Lookout the next day.

Her mum was up, my sister was up and all the family was together. She thought it was just lunch.” -David

“I was running late for lunch and was rushing around... David kept standing their as if he was going to say something but didn’t (I found out later he was trying to stall). I threw what we needed for lunch in the car and said we’d meet him there. As I got to the lookout it looked like there was going to be an event but as I went to call him Tiff called me, she’d seen me drive past asked to pick up her sister who was walking from one of their properties. I was like uh sure? 10 minutes down the road I pulled over with no idea where the property actually was. Mum and I sat there for maybe 20 minutes waiting.” - Colleen

“Dad finally got off the tractor and Tiff could stop stalling” - David

“Yeah, I finally got a call from tiff telling me it was all sorted and her sister got a lift from someone already. As I drove back the lookout I saw Tiff fly up our neighbours driveway with fabric flying Priscilla Style from her car. Mum and I started to get super suss! We pulled up at the lookout and David ran down blocking my view. As we got out of the car he told my mum to hurry up and just go to the top of the lookout. He grabbed me hugged me and demanded I close my eyes. I closed my eyes... well looked at the ground, I’m clumsy and didn’t wanna trip. I closed my eyes as we got to the top of the lookout and got positioned by David. He left me standing there... I was pretty nervous” - Colleen

“I gave her mum a hug and asked her mum for permission. With a whispered and teary yes from her mum I got down on one knee.” - David

“He told me he loved me and asked me to ‘put up with him for the rest of my life’... all I could say was yes! With the biggest grin on my face!” - Colleen

4.         What was the duration of your engagement?

6 months -we knew what we wanted

5.         Did you have any special or sentimental details/décor included in your day?

We had a hat and flanno from my Dad who passed away a year and half before. It sat on its own chair at both ceremony and reception.

On the bouquet was a framed picture of dad so he could walk me down the aisle

6.         What was the most stressful part of planning your wedding?

People not understanding that we had limited space and we could only invite those most involved in both our lives.

7.         What was the most exciting part of planning your wedding?

Designing it all to suit us, our wants and our needs.

8.         What did you learn about each other whilst planning your wedding?

David couldn’t care less about the details, he only cared that I was there.

Colleen loves planning events, and that it’s totally her field of interest.

9.         What is your number one piece of advice for couples just stating to plan their wedding?

Do your research, know what you want and you can say yes at the first dress you see.

Things won’t go perfectly, there will be hiccups but it’s what you make of them.

10.       What is the one thing you’d recommend that a couple spends decent money on for their wedding?

Don’t. You don’t have to break the bank to have an amazing night. Doing things yourself helps you appreciate it all a little bit more and makes it all just a tad sweeter

11.       Can you tell us a little about your ceremony? Did you write your own vows? What made you choose your ceremony location? Were you following any particular theme for your set up? I.e. rustic, classic, chic.

We had an Anglican service, in a clearing on the family farm. The clearing is one of our favourite spots on the farm and has been the destination for many of our walks and picnics.

We didn’t write our own vows, we went with the traditional. Our theme for the wedding was rustic with a mix of greenery.

12.       Tell us about the moment you saw each other for the first time. How did you feel? Were there tears?

“all I could think was wow”- David

“I had butterflies! He wasstanding at the end of the aisle and it was finally here, he was about to be my husband, my soul mate and the rest of my life.... he won’t admit it but his best man said he definitely cried, yeah I was teary too”- Colleen

13.       Tell us a little about your reception? What theme were you going for? Was it a sit down, cocktails etc? What food did you have?

The little Konnongorring Hall decorated with a mix of rustic and greenery. We had had a buffet style dinner with an absolute master spread put on by Kylie Davey

14.       What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day for you?

All of it, we had an amazing ti

Colleen Dew

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day for you?

All of it, we had an amazing time with our nearest and dearest.

15.       In hindsight, is there anything you wish you had done differently – an aspect you would have left out, something you wish you’d done or perhaps something that didn’t turn out the way you had planned?

Even though there was one or two things that didn’t go to plan there wasnt anything we really would change. Although in hindsight having a bar/bartender may have been better then eskies.

16.       What was a ‘must have’ for your wedding – that were worth spending your money on?

200 bottles of water! With high temps and sunny weather we definitely to keep us and our guests hydrated.

Being a dj and photographer we both knew Music and photos were must haves to help our day run smoothly and be memorable.

17.       Where did you go on honeymoon and for how long?

We did a mini getaway over the Christmas new year break for a week to Ferguson Valley. The actual honeymoon though is Scotland and the UK in August 2020

18.       Describe newlywed life in 3 words.

Nothing has changed

My name changed

Life is amazing