About Us

Julie Lynne & Co

I am the boss lady behind Julie Lynne + Co but I the reason this page is titled 'About Us' is because I very rarely work alone. I often have a sidekick with me for portrait sessions and weddings not only to help me with the little bits and pieces but also to picture the setting from different perspective.

The Other 1/2 Of Us - Rachel Toia

Julie Lynne & Co

I've been working with Rachey for going on 3 years now. She kindly put up her hand to second shoot and very last minute wedding with me and we've been inseparable ever since. Rach is a Mummy to a sweet 6 month old named Connor, a fur Mum, a Fiancé, a creative genius, an insanely talented photographer and is one of the funniest people I know!

See her portfolio here

Fun Facts about Jules

  1. Hardcore Canon Gal
  2. Fur Mum to 2 Cats + 2 Dogs
  3. Addicted to True Crime Docos
  4. Lived in the Wheatbelt for 12 Years
  5. Terrified of Needles

Fun Facts about Rach

  1. Die Hard Nikon Gal
  2. Loves all things Sparkly
  3. Obsessed with Coffee, Cats and Christmas
  4. Severely Dislikes Cucumber
  5. Engaged to her Highschool Sweetheart

Our Vibe

Julie Lynne & Co

We offer a mix of posed and candid shots to help diversify your gallery, but ultimately everyone at Julie Lynne & Co is easy going, always making people laugh and we're not afraid to get our hands dirty if it means getting the right shot. Candid and unscripted shots are what we do best and we've been known to do some pretty questionable things to make our clients cry from laughter!

Our Style

Julie Lynne & Co

Our style is often described as bold earthy tones, warm in temperature, sharp in contrast and softly lit. We prefer to do Portrait Sessions at sunset as that's is where we get the magical dusky golden hour glow. Our galleries generally have a range of colour and classic B+W images included in them.

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